Metaphorically and almost literally.

I am learning the art of printmaking, from my amazing friend Denis at the studio.
He has crazily, put my name forward for a print exchange and exhibition (more about that some other time), so on Monday I made my first solar etching plate, from which I have to print up 25 prints!
I loved learning a new process.

 There are parts of the printing process that are very methodical and precise, difficult for wild, messy me to get my head around, but I did genuinely enjoy every bit:

  • choosing the image

  • Using a machine that’s like something from Dr. Who to solar etch the image onto the plate.

  • Inking the plate up. 

Putting my damp paper over the inked up plate then rolling it through the print rollers, then eagerly anticipating what my print will look like when I carefully peel it back from the plate  (THE most exciting bit)!

As for cutting my beautiful paper (all 25 sheets of them 20cms x 20cms), that didn’t go quite as well.
The Stanley knife needed a new blade, and as soon as it had been changed and I used it, I don’t quite now what happened, but I sliced into my finger… how stupid am I? Yes, I agree, VERY.
It was my left hand so all was not too bad. It caused a sleepless Monday night, a nauseous and nearly fainting earlyTuesday morning, and by late morning I was having it dressed by the lovliest of nurses, who informed me that I needed to have a tetanus. Joy.
This week has shown me: 
  1. That having a chest infection and pushing myself is not the best of ideas
  2. What amazing friends I have, one who actually had to wash my hand after having printed again on Wednesday because I couldn’t get my bandage wet and was struggling to get the oil based paint off my right hand., 
  3. That I need to slow down.
  4. How a lovely nurse can really put you at ease. 
  5. How much I take my hands for granted, and really shouldn’t, they are the tools of my trade.
  6. That I love learning new things and being challenged.

Going back to have it dressed again tomorrow. I look like ET. Wish mine would light up…
 Have a lovely weekend everyone.