My lovely daughter has just made me listen to this. I think it’s rather beautiful.
Alan Watts on Nothingness

I have recently started to meditate, to try and calm my frazzled mind, and I absolutely love it.
I seem to have so many things going round in my head, looking at the past, trying to imagine what the future holds.
I need to practice mindfulness and live in the moment for a change.
Try and let my thoughts be nothing.
Make all the chatter STOP…or at least try…just for a little while.

Apparently it also can also boost the immune system.

I have a few guided meditations which I listen to, but my favourite one is called buddhify, I love the man’s voice – he sounds smiley.

Does anyone else meditate, or anyone thought about it?
Or have you all run away and think that I have finally lost the plot? :-)

I think that my story might just be beginning…