I went to my studio on Thursday and I was compelled to paint this on one of the walls.
“Believe”  one of the definitions of which is ” to expect with confidence”.
It is a word which keeps coming back to me for whatever reason, and was the word I chose to put on the cover I made for my 2012 diary…

 and has also found it’s way onto the fridge with the aid of my sons Innocent Smoothie fridge magnets (sadly missing another ‘E’, but you get the picture).

 The day in my studio was good, if not a little strange. It was odd being in a different space. I have put some of my stuff up on the walls, and fiddled about trying to make some things. Not very successfully.
 I don’t know if it will work for me, but I am prepared to give it a go. I didn’t have my camera and took these on my phone – not the clearest of pictures but at least a record of that first ‘proper’ day.

It was good to have lunch there and to talk to some of the other artists. I have been on my own for too long.
My confidence ebbs and flows, as I know it does with so many creatives.
Time to BELIEVE.
I am going to create some new wonderful art.
So there :-)
Have a lovely weekend x