Read the new Winter edition online magazine here. It is packed full of things to make, bake, and great articles on different designer makers.

There is a really good article by Karen Jinks, Creative Director of UK Handmade.
In part of it she says:
“We want people to understand the true meaning of what it is to ‘value’ something, to buy less and buy well. To think twice before buying mass produced goods and find something that will last longer and mean more.’

It seems like it was written with real passion and struck a chord with me.

As I sit here in my little workroom, making orders for people, personalising things, stitching by hand, wrapping each parcel with care, it is great to think that there are a group of like minded individuals out there with the same ideals and ‘values’.

Happy 3rd Birthday! – well done to all involved for helping to raise the profile of British handmade items.

Hilary’s ‘ad’ for Craft Blog. on the first page also made me smile.