A few days ago my aunt came to visit. She had an article from “Country Living” magazine which she had saved from an old issue, about the only remaining temperance bar in England, about half an hours drive from where I live.
It is called Fitzpatricks
So we picked my mum up on the way and the three of us set off on our adventure to a Lancashire town called Rawtenstall.

Here’s what we found. It was just how I had imagined it.

We sat at the little table and I ordered a drink of cold Dandelion and Burdock, my aunt hot Sarsaparilla and my mum hot Ginger and Lemon, They were all delicious.
I also bough some dried ginseng, which you can make a drink out of ,which is said to help restore energy – I am in need of that at the moment, so I have been brewing a pot everyday!
The young man who served us was really helpful and had an old book which listed lots of herbs and their properties, and what ailments they were good for.

 We all bought a bottle of Blood Tonic Cordial which is made with rosehips and nettles and tastes delicious.

Last night the bar was also featured on Ade in Britain  with Ade Edmonson which was really interesting to watch as it showed how they actually make some of the cordials.
It’s strange how sometimes you never visit places which are right on your doorstep.
I will definitely be returning.

So, what’s your poison? If you had to give up alcohol what would be your drink of choice?